The better your website’s rankings in the search engines, the more brand awareness, leads and sales. Improving those rankings requires SEO (search engine optimisation). At WRZ Service, we deliver well-crafted SEO campaigns that take your business to the next level. Are you ready to scale up?

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. It means setting up and adjusting your website to rank as high as possible in Google for certain keywords. If your website ranks high for a keyword with a high search volume, your website will receive many visitors. For your business this means a great volume of leads/sales, revenue and profit.

Of course, there are certain keywords where there is more competition than for other keywords. More companies do their best to be found on that term. For these keywords, it is more difficult to get a high position in Google. Before optimising, it is therefore useful to have an SEO audit done. This will tell you whether you are on the right track, or how much room for improvement there still is.

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Our approach

In our SEO campaigns we go through the following steps with the client. We can adjust our approach for each project.

SEO baseline measurement

Before we do anything else, we look at how the website is currently performing in the search engines. Together, we determine the goals we will work towards.

Keyword research

We research which keywords the target audience uses. Based on search volumes, appropriateness and feasibility, we make a selection of focus keywords and focus pages on which we will target the SEO campaign.

On-page SEO

We analyse the on-page SEO of the focus pages. We then improve the technology and content to make the pages better match the focus keywords.

Off-page SEO (linkbuilding)

We increase website authority by gathering backlinks from the right websites with suitable anchors. We compile and optimise a bespoke package of backlinks.

Content marketing

Good content is essential for good rankings. We follow a well-thought-out content strategy and deliver high-quality SEO content.

Reporting and evaluation

Each month, we analyse the results, prepare a clear report and evaluate the strategy. Where necessary, we make adjustments for the following month.

Performing SEO by yourself

SEO is more than collecting backlinks and incorporating the right keywords in your texts. There are many more aspects that are taken into account to determine which website ranks highest for a search term. This also makes SEO a complicated process. Hence, it is wise to hire an SEO agency to advise and assist.

The 3 pillars of SEO


Content is considered the most important pillar in SEO. By incorporating search keywords in the texts on your website, you can increase rankings. However, there are special techniques for spreading the keywords throughout the text. Also, you should not mention keywords too often.

Authority (linkbuilding)

Besides content, linkbuilding also plays an important role in SEO. To increase the rankings of your site, it is important to get other sites to link to your website. Links on social media can also contribute to better rankings.


Content and linkbuilding are front-end adjustments. However, with SEO, the back end of the site also comes into play. Namely, you need to make sure your site is technically sound. So also pay attention to technical optimisation to increase the rankings of your site.

Hiring as SEO specialist

You can do a lot yourself, but it is still advisable to hire an SEO agency, especially if you have little knowledge and experience. An SEO agency has a lot of experience that you may not have in your company. Besides, as an entrepreneur, you are busy enough as it is. Making big strides with SEO is difficult if you don’t put in the necessary time, as search engine optimisation is a time-consuming process. By outsourcing SEO to a specialist, you can be sure to significantly increase your chances of achieving high rankings in Google.

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