Link building is still an important search engine ranking factor and thus an essential part of SEO. At WRZ Service, we provide carefully chosen backlinks for websites and web shops in various industries. This is how we improve SEO performance and lift the number of website visitors to the next level. Are you ready to scale up?

What is linkbuilding?

Link building is the process of gathering links on other websites that point to your website. We call these links “backlinks”. When a website with a lot of authority links to your website, your website gains a bit more authority. The authority of a website is an important factor for Google in determining which position it gets in the search results.

Link building is more than just collecting as many backlinks as possible. Not every backlink is the same, quality is often (but not always) better than quantity and a new website requires a different strategy than, for example, an established webshop. If you take the wrong approach to link building, you may not see any results after many months. Or worse: a penalty from Google resulting in your website being removed from search results. This is why many people choose to outsource link building to a specialist.

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Why linkbuilding?

Better rankings
Backlinks to your website are still an important factor for your ranking in the search engines. In recent years, however, search engines have started to value high-quality backlinks more. Content backlinks have therefore become more important. An SEO campaign is not complete without strong backlinks.
More visitors
For more website visitors, you should ideally rank in spots 1-3 in the search engines. These days, it is almost impossible to imagine achieving these positions without using link building. Backlinks can also create more referral traffic, as visitors from referring websites can click on the backlinks to your site.
Ahead of the competition
Not everyone engages in link building. By investing in this though, you can get ahead of the competition. If you have content and technology (two SEO pillars) in order, but authority is not (the third pillar), you give the competition the chance to overtake you or strengthen their positions. Link building is a final push to achieve high rankings.

Linkbuilding techniques

In our clients’ SEO campaigns, we apply the following link building techniques:

  • Internal link building: in internal link building, we ensure good references between the website’s own pages. Not only does this make the website more user-friendly, this is also an important factor for Google. Moreover, it makes website visitors view more pages, which lowers the website’s bounce rate.
  • Startpagina and startpagina clones: for a website or webshop with many pages, it is difficult to gather high-quality backlinks for every page. If you focus only on quality here,  the competition will win in terms of quantity. With startpagina and startpagina clone links, we can place backlinks for websites with many pages at scale.
  • Link partners: through a large network of partner sites, we can place backlinks on the home pages of other websites. These links pass on a lot of link value to your website, making this type of link a valuable part of a link profile.
  • Content backlinks: backlinks embedded in content are increasingly important and are high-quality links. We place articles with backlinks embedded in them on blogs with good SEO metrics.
  • Blogs on high-traffic sites: these backlinks go one step further than content backlinks. We search an extensive network of publishers for relevant websites with many visitors. On these websites, we publish articles with backlinks that strengthen the link profile in terms of quality and generate more referring traffic to the website.

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Feel free to contact us for a free link building consultation.