The bulk of consumers click on the first search result in Google. With SEO, it can take a while to reach this top position. With Google Ads, you can pay to be visible immediately in the top position. At WRZ Service, we provide profitable Google Ads campaigns to take your sales to new heights. Are you ready to scale up?

What is SEA?

SEA is an abbreviation for Search Engine Advertising. We pay to get our website high up in the search results of, among others, Google. Advertising with Google Ads can be very effective and profitable because the ads are shown to people who are often specifically looking for the product or service we are advertising. This way, we reach the right people and people who are ready to take purhcase. Within just a few days, you can generate more leads/sales, revenue and profit from your website thanks to Google Ads.

The downside, however, is that Google Ads can be very expensive. If you target your ads to the wrong keywords, you can quickly lose a lot of money per click to your website. It is also important to set up your website properly, so paid clicks actually pay off. And when the campaign and the website are set up properly, it is important to keep track of performance and adjust frequently to maintain or further improve it.

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Outsourcing Google Ads

Advertising with Google is more than writing an ad and setting a budget. The ad account needs to be set up properly, tracking tools need to be installed correctly, bad keywords need to be removed regularly, etc. You would therefore be wise to outsource Google Ads to a specialist. At WRZ Service, we can take all aspects of Google Ads off your hands.

Our Google Ads services

Setting up campaigns

Good results start with setting up a good campaign. We research which keywords are relevant and suitable, set up the account properly and build good ad campaigns. The visitors now start pouring in.

Optimising campaigns

While the campaigns are running, all kinds of valuable data are collected. Using this data, we optimise the campaigns to reduce costs and increase revenues. Among other things, we optimise keywords, bids and texts.

Building landing pages

With a poor landing page, many clicks are lost as few visitors take action. Clicks can be expensive, so to make campaigns as profitable as possible, a good landing page is important.

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Do you want to outsource Google Ads? Contact us for a free introductory meeting.